Technology in business communication is in a continual state of development. Each year, new tools added to the market – to render communication better, more efficient and – above all – faster. But which changes are really accepted in daily communication and how does this affect the collaboration with co-workers, suppliers and customers?

In day-to-day business many find it difficult to integrate new tools into the daily routine. While they sell high-end solutions their telephone system is still a product from times long since past. Whoever spends a considerable amount of time on the road, on their way to meetings or conferences has surely at some point considered team collaboration via the internet. However, to many people it still remains unclear how exactly this is supposed to work. Also, the famous answering machine ping-pong is still being played in plenty of corporations even though it could easily be eliminated.

All these situations and problems will be dealt with in the workshop “Kommunikation 4.0” – and many more.

On May 3rd in Cologne and on July 3rd in Frankfurt am Main, workshop coach Detlev Artelt will provide you – by means of numerous tips and real-life examples – with new ideas and the required background knowledge to ideally improve your communication in the future.

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