[pullquote style=“left“]It’s done. Just in time for the Call Center World the voice compass bookshelf app is finished!…[/pullquote]

As of now the specialist book series voice compass and the PRAXISTIPPS Kundenkommunikation are available as comfortable iPad apps at the Apple iTunes Store – FREE OF CHARGE and DIGITAL!

Impart knowledge and “Benefits easily explained”

This applies to both the voice compass specialist book series and the PRAXISTIPPS.


In the space of the new app you can read all previously released publications of the specialist book series voice compass in the extensive preview version without further charges. By this means you receive – on ca. 100 pages – a first impression of the 400-800 pages print media and learn more about the professional division as well as the spelling style that particularly aims at decision makers and management.

It allows you to use the collective knowledge on Unified Communications, speech technology or speech biometrics and Voice over IP from all over the place rendering your iPad a mobile reference work and the ideal business tool.

The current editions of the pocket books PRAXISTIPPS Kundenkommunikation are available inside the app. For a small charge you get both editions with ca. 100 reference examples from a range of different areas of customer communication.

Simple to operate

The major feature are the many direct links to continuative information, manufacturers and their products as well as the direct contacting with the contact persons in charge for the respective solutions.


The modern navigation allows for fast access to every PRAXISTIPP as well as filing of bookmarks and of course a “zoom” on the article. Digital effects like e.g. the automatic turn-over of pages with the matching sound makes the voice compass bookshelf app seem like an analog book. If you would rather pass on those effects, you are free to choose to read the book in the non-animated mode. The screen shows respectively one double-page in landscape format or one whole page in upright format.



By tapping on the lower frame of the voice compass bookshelf app a navigation and function bar appears. With it you can additionally search the entire publication for particular contents or navigate over the thumbnail views of the individual pages. The book format of both the voice compass and the PRAXISTIPPS can be found in many a bookcase. As of now you can also download it on your digital bookshelf.

Free of charge for your iPad

Right on schedule for the Call Center World, the largest industry event of the concat center industry, the voice compass and PRAXISTIPPS Kundenkommunikation bookshelf is available for download at the Apple iTunes store. For the download, just click on the icon of the iTunes preview or on this LINK.

Feedback and references

We will be very pleased if you try out the “voice compass bookshelf” and leave a comment at the app store or your reference here on our website.



You will find the app in the Apple iTunes Store

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