Speech as an input medium booms  at the moment thanks to Apples SIRI. In march there will take place one of the most important international events concerning speech technology: the Mobile Voice Conference (http://www.mobilevoiceconference.com/)

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This year’s conference focuses the question for possibilities which offer development and trends in speech technology for companys. Insider, user and visitors will discuss in keynotes and discussion forums (http://mobilevoiceconference.com/program.html) from 12th to 14th of March. Among other things possible themes are „Trends in mobile and contact center voice technology“ or „Speech and mobility“.

As an expert in the fields of speech technology and Unified Communications the aixvox GmbH supports the MVC as a sponsor.  UC expert and CEO, aixvox GmbH, Detlev Artelt will be an on site moderator as well.

Detlev Artelt, author and editor of the publication voice compass, reveals: „The event is annually bringing together the  Creme-da-la Creme of the speech technology industry. Last year’s keynote by Microsoft is clearly showing where Redmonds giant is navigating with speech. For this year we’re expecting even more impulses and new approaches“ He and his consulting company aixvox (www.aixvox.com) are counseling many organizations in the area of speech technology in a neutral and independent way.

Host of this year’s Mobile Voice Conference is Bill Meisel, expert at TMA, and AVIOS (http://www.avios.org/). Detlev Artelt is an active combatant in this field as well as he is leading the european chapter of AVIOS.

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