With the workshop series Kommunikation 4.0 the eco Association sets the target to explain the benefits of new trends and tools. By means of practical examples, typical settings and check lists the participants learn from workshop director Detlev Artelt which tools are best suited for them and which trends they should really follow.

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In the process, UC-expert Detlev Artelt, also senior executive of the eco Association’s group of experts UC, makes available his rich store of experience and consultancy practice. With great success, as the evaluation of the participant questionnaire proves.

Workshop Kommunikation 4.0

For the first seminar of the series on May 3rd in Cologne, the eco Association as well as Detlev Artelt received top marks. Fortunately, as the participants praised the seminar, it was “no audio book 😉” but “very vivid, informative and interactive”.

Particularly the check list for the individual corporations and the overview of current developments in the UC-market were well received by all participants. Due to the many examples and the strategy-part, in which ROI and expenses of new solutions were put forward, they could accurately assess what they should and would want to implement in the future.

The next occasion to attend the workshop is offered by eco on July 3rd in Frankfurt am Main. For further information on contents, costs and application please refer to the website of the eco Association or to our article on the event on the aixvox website.

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