Video conferences instead of holdups, chat instead of mailbox and the all-round-office. New communication solutions can help companies cut down on time and expenses. However, many are unaware of them. The Seminar Kommunikation 4.0 explains new solutions, concepts and technologies intelligibly and independently of manufacturer. And with great success, as the participants‘ consistently positive feedback proves.

Phone, email and fax are all that staff members of many companies seem to need for communication. Even though business trips, monologues on the mailbox and unanswered calls take up valuable time, they can’t quite part with the traditional solutions.

The Seminar Kommunikation 4.0, presented by the eco-Association in cooperation with UC-expert Detlev Artelt, teaches you how new communication tools can render your everyday working practices more efficient. For instance, by means of video conferences you can minimize business trips. A presence display or the possibility to communicate via text messages eliminate ineffective communication attempts. In the ideal case, the staff will save valuable time in which they can rather attend to important projects.

For some attendants of the seminar, which took place on May 3rd in Cologne, this was all unheard-of knowledge. They benefited from the many practical examples and derived advantage from the one-day event by becoming acquainted with methods to upgrade their communication into the future. Others particularly availed themselves of the check lists with the help of which they could determine the new solutions that would be best suited for their individual situation. One specific advantage for all participants was Detlev Artelt’s willingness to give away the detailed inside story of his consultancy experience, thus providing numerous examples of both successful and failed implementations of solutions in companies. Also favorable: The seminar imparts knowledge and answers questions – nobody is obliged to buy anything.

So, after a day filled with background knowledge, tips and tricks all participants agreed that the seminar was exciting, anything but an “audio book” and “very vivid, informative and interactive”.

The next occasion to attend the workshop is offered by eco on July 3 in Frankfurt am Main. For further information on contents, costs and application please refer to


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