Mobile Voice Conference – Innovation and Mobile Communication

The next innovation, that is going to drive the world economy, you can find on the Mobile Voice Conference in San Francisco from April, 15th to April, 16th 2013.

From a historical point of view, new technologies advance growth. For example, the development of the mobile phone led to a variety of other new products, apps and services. Nevertheless, there always also exist the concern that the economy won’t be able anymore to bring up great innovations like it did in the past. But this is wrong.

The forth Mobile Voice Conference is concentrating on new developments and inventions and the resultant economical possibilities.

Mobile communication as an economical key factor

Many of the inventions, which are presented and discussed on the Mobile Voice Conference 2013, were influenced by a fundamental factor that also brought forward the mass distribution of the smart phone: One’s need to always be able to easily find all information needed (e.g. shops and products) and to get in contact with friends and business partners at every place and at any times. Technology that makes this possible results in new economical chances.

The key trend, that contributes to this mobile revolution, is the possibility to interact with mobile apps via the usage of intuitive and natural instead of constrained language. The underlying technology is sophisticated and is steadily being improved. The tools, that are necessary to develop such assistents for specialized usage in order to support comapany customer services and sales, are getting simpler to use.

Europes visions in speech technology

For this years  Mobile Voice Conference the forum „Europes visions in speech technology“ was initiated for the first time under the direction of Detlev Artelt. The opening speech „Europe is somehow different“ by Detlev Artelt shows the basic and other requirements that we have in Europe concerning speech technology. The following lecture „Voice CRM Reports“ by Sébastien Bratières (Dawin GmbH) is about the innovative usage of speech recognition in the range of CRM systems. Subsequently, Antoine Kauffeisen (Acapela Group)gives a lecture on the different voices, that can be generated by a computer – since the optimal sound of a voice depends on the operational scenario it is supposed to be used in. Hassan Sawaf, expert on speech technology, describes innovations that are developed in Europe but launched in the USA in order to be then sold as a product in Europe. As a last point follows a speech by Laurent Balaine about the subscription of TV and radio content and the associated possibilities of analysis and monitoring.

Tendency to personal, speech-controlled assistants continues

This trend is being revisited in lectures and discussions on the Mobile Voice Conference. On the agenda is among other things:

  • Keynote talk: Virtual trainers in healthcare: A vision of the future, Daniel P. Siewiorek, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Keynote Forum: The role of mobile personal assistants; Stuart Patterson, CEO, Xtone; Robert Weideman, executive vice-president and general manager, Enterprise Division, Nuance; William Meisel, author, The Software Society; chaired by K. W. ‘Bill’ Scholz, President, AVIOS, and President, NewSpeech.
  • The mobile personal assistant in the company: Close and permanent customer contact
  • Speech-search, personal assistants and their development
  • The tools to create speech and language based apps
  • Speech-enablabling mobile apps: Usefulness and creativity
  • Expectations of customer services in a more mobile getting world
  • Tools to develop „multimodal“ customer services: Utilize all abilities of mobile devices
  • Advanced dialog workshop: A practical experience with a new speech-dialog-framework


Please find the entire program of the Mobile Voice Conference under: .

Do not miss out on the last information and trends and use the networking-possibility among the visitors of the Mobile Voice Conference.

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