CallCenter SQUT 02/12 Visiting a trade fair can be an information and sensory overload. Once you’ve left the event, however, the feeling grows that you have not found or seen anything of importance. But how to find the right contacts in the brief period of time available? The ones who can answer your questions and aren’t merely interested in selling something? In addition, the question arises who at the fair is best engaged in your topic, e.g. Social Media or Unified Communications. You might also want to meet famous manufacturers and new companies that may perhaps have specialized in exactly your niche.

It’s always the same: You arrive at the trade fair facing an interesting lecture program and a multitude of interesting exhibitors.

You really just want to talk to someone in a relaxed atmosphere, at least with all the exhibitors who are of particular interest to you. Well, as a first lead you can refer to the trade fair newspaper and the therein featured structuring.

For any remaining questions the trade fair organizer Management Circle has commissioned different independent consultants who, in line with “Guided Tours”, will semidaily walk you through the trade fair focusing on four different topics. The motto is “Guided Tours – Knowing where to go!” and has already been offered as a free service for several years now.

Beside Social Media, quality management or Unified Communications (UC or UCC) in German there will also be an English tour. Every Guided Tour visits five different suppliers of their respective subject area. This year for the fourth time, UC-expert Detlev Artelt was in charge of the tour on Unified Communications and was able to include a specialty.

Read the full article published in the magazine CallCenter SQUT 02/12 here as a PDF.


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