Back in the day when our communication still consisted of drumming and grunting sounds, it was easy to describe the market and the possibilities. Loud grunting, low grunting, big drum, small drum – that was about it! However, it has no longer been that easy for some time now. Since the invention of the telephone the communication market has been steadily advancing. New communication tools have constantly been added and are still coming along. That’s why today we have to face an actual jungle of many different providers and communication solutions. In order to survive this forest, aixvox has launched the specialist book series „voice compass“ a few years ago.

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The „voice compass“ explains in clearly arranged chapters the speech- and communication technology market and provides tips and trends on new tools and solutions, for instance Unified Communications. On nearly 800 pages, our readers learn how to analyze their communication and which options they could make use of to implement new strategies and solutions for the increase in efficiency. The fact that we have achieved this objectivly is demonstrated by several new reviews of approved experts and portals.

The latest review was written by Andreas Wiedow, trainer and coach for telephone behavior. Even though he, too, was at first deterred by the size of the orange “tome”, he soon realized that it comprises “all the modern devices required in modern communication. And whatever isn’t included, you won’t need “.

Also, the Portal TM2.0 der Zeitschrift für technische-wissenschaftliche Informationen seit 1907 (Portal TM2.0 of the magazine for technical-scientific information since 1907) is convinced that “the voice compass is the right answer for questions on new ways and tools of communication.” After all, it is “an exceptional specialist book, combining market study, consulting know-how, manufacturer listings, standardized cost estimates and hands-on settings, creating a compendium for all those who want to look about in this confusing market and find reasonable solutions that have been tailored to their individual needs. All this in comprehensible language and with many useful diagrams and numerous figures.”

Should we have awakened your interest, you can purchase the voice compass in our shop or commercially.

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