The news increases that not only „the farmer“ but also Apple is going to “put the cart before a new horse”. The cart horse iPad is to be put into the stable equipped with new functions and the legendary speech recognition SIRI.

In order for this wonderful technology to work, Apple did some distinctive changes concerning the hardware. If you belief the reports, there are going to be two microphones, like also with the iPhone 4s, be put into the device. At the same time no other special chip will access this microphone (like the 4s) but the high-capacity processor will take over this task. It is very important, to create the right mixture between both microphones, because like that the quality and the clarity of speech will improve considerably. This lets the speech recognition work again steadier.

In an interview with Bill Meisel, the host of the yearly congressfair  „Mobile Voice Conference“ in California, he mentioned, that he is expecting, next to the speech input, also another text input for SIRI. Due to the big configuration of the iPad operating the device via virtual keyboard is very easy, what I as being the author of this article can only confirm, because I´m currently writing on my iPad on a flight from Cologne to Munich.

Because apple is working hard parallel to the iPad 3 on another stallion in the stable, the AppleTV, rumors increase that iPad and AplleTV are going to merge into one handy “Couch Device”. This way the tiered TV Jokey will soon be able to caress his iPad on the couch in the evening, in order to switch between TV channels, the latest holiday pictures and movies from the Internet. With the powerful speech recognition, the microphones and the extended text input the Aplle Duo has quite the potential to scare the past providers of TV-consumersunits (TV, LED displays,…). These providers like LG, Samsung and other just showed on this years Consumer Electronics Show in January in Las Vegas first steps into the direction of speech recognition and gesture controlling for their TV Boliden, so can Apple already exhibit a way more conclusive concept.

In short, it is going to be an interesting year 2012 for the house of Apple but also for the users of the up-to-date media technology. Is Apple, how many expect them to do, to turn the market of TV devices upside down, like the company did manage to do already with the market for telephones and soft phones? The sign are pointing in the right direction and we users are going to operate the devices in our daily routine easier and with less typing than ever.

Being the author of the expert book voice compass I´m writing since 2006 about speech recognition and I´m glad, that Apple breathes new life into the market and very successfully breaks down older operating concepts. To operate devices with speech makes a new way of thinking and an acceptance necessary, that their commands are going to be heart from other people as well. Because we Germans like to stick to our old habits, the play instinct will be the answer.


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